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Zhejiang Juhua Hanzheng New Materials Co., Ltd

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  Zhejiang Juhua Hanzheng New Materials Co., Ltd was founded in November 2012 with registered capital of RMB 80 million. lt's located in High-tech Industrial Park of Quzhou and is a whole-invested subsidiary company of Juhua Group Corporation.

  Zhejiang Juhua Hanzheng New Material Co., Ltd. as a company of Fine Chemical Division of Juhua Group Corporation, managers Zhejiang Jinhua New Material Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huajin Technology Co., Ltd. and Juhua Group Corporation Pharmaceutical Factory. Based on the advantage of fluorine chemical industry, the advantage of chemical resource, the advantage of R&D and the advantage of Public complementary, the company focus on high-end field of fine chemical industry, and builds the industry according to Green, High-end and Environmentally friendly mode of circular economy.

  The core industry of the company is positioning on Fluorine-containing fine chemicals. The focus is on the development of Fluorine-containing pharmaceutical/ pesticide intermediates, Fluorine-containing surfactant, Fluoro polymer additives and their series products chain. At present, our leading products are Ethyl difluoroacetate, Trifluoroethylamine, Perfluoroalkyl ester and Ethyl difluoroacetate downstream products, etc. The products are mainly used in high-tech agriculture, medicine, military, aerospace, metallurgy, electronics, textile, light industry and other fields. Ethyl difluoroacetate and Trifluoroethylamine are the main raw material of a new generation pesticides (such as insecticidal and fungicidal) with highly efficient and low toxicity. It has been widely used in Plants Protected Area by Europe and United State.